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All Natural Bug Spray

All Natural Bug Spray

I woke up this morning and looked out the window to see a huge swarm of gnats….ugh! Bug season has arrived. Time to make a huge batch of homemade all natural bug spray. Perfect timing, the mint in the garden has begun to grow, right on que, as if mother nature just knew we were going to need it.

I hate using chemicals if I don’t need to, especially around the kids and animals. Especially known cancer causing one’s like DEET. So few years ago I came up with my own homemade recipe for bug spray. I gave it to some friends to try out and compare it with the DEET stuff. All of them loved it and it works great. Without the cancer causing toxins!

It’s Pretty Easy to Make, here is the recipe:


2 cups fresh mint  leaves

Several large spigs of Sage  and Thyme


Steep the herbs in a large pot of boiling water to make a strong tea.

Strain out the leaves and allow to cool.


Pour the tea into a large spray bottle, I use an empty windex bottle I have had for years. .  Only fill the bottle ¾ of the way full with the tea.

Pour in one once of pure tea tree oil.

*you can also add a few drops of other other essential oils , such as  lemongrass, citronella and grapefruit*

Fill the rest of the way with witch hazel

Pop the spray top on and shake well.


Spray on avoiding eyes. Wash hands before touching or rubbing your eyes to avoid irritation.

Now go out and play in the wood…find a path, get dirty and have some fun. Summer won’t last forever.



7 thoughts on “All Natural Bug Spray

  1. It’s really nice to make your own stuffs like this one because you know what is the content of your product, unlike the other products that you buy in the stores that you don’t know what’s in it.

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  2. Thanks for the recipe I will definitely be trying this out, I have all the stuff growing as we speak. I have tried a few different things myself and will be posting one on my website soon for ants. The little tiny ones that invade, whenever, and wherever the like. I don’t like the chemicals either, and have been doing a lot more with natural ingredients and essential oils.

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  3. Happy mother’s day. The contest is now over. Congratulations to my 5 winners….newmomlgr, Rachel falco, kmbusch, somewhathandybrandy and naturallygreenmom. I have contacted all my winners to get mailing address to send out the prizes. Keep checking my blog for more giveaways!


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