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Mine Shop, Mystic, CT: An Upcycler’s Paradise!

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 Ever since I was little I have loved taking something old and making it into something else. When I was a kid I was always building doll furniture out of random items I found around the house. As I have gotten older, the projects have gotten bigger. I find things at yard sales or on the side of the road and with a little creative thinking and a lot of paint, make it into something cool. I always called it “recycle projects”, but in recent years it has gained popularity and a new trendy name to match. It is now called “upcycling”, the art of using old items and turning into something desirable again. Well, whatever you want to call. I love it. Nothing gets my creative juices flowing like a good project.

Today I found the jackpot of all upcycling stores. Thrift stores are great, but this ended up being so much better than any thrift store I have ever been in. If you have ever seen the show American Pickers, you will appreciate this store. It was a true pickers paradise…or upcyclers paradise. It has a little everything you can imagine from old doors, windows and furniture to random reclaimed wood and tiles. The Store is called Mine. It is located on route 1 in mystic , CT. We have driven by it several times on our journeys here and there, but never had the time to stop. I would always say, “sometime I want to check that place out.” We called the door store because of all the of doors piled up out front.


So today we had some extra time after working on the patio project  and decided to check it out. It had been rainy so a lot of the outside stuff was covered in tarps, but there was still plenty to see. Every size, shape and color old door, window and chair you can imagine. The “stuff” was piled up around the outside of the building. At one point I lost my husband in the piles, before we even got inside the shop. I could have spent hours wondering around just looking at all the unique things and getting project ideas. If you are looking for tile, either for a home décor project or just for an art project/upcycle project.


They have every size you can imagine from 1 inch tiles to 12 x 12 tiles. They have tons of reclaimed wood, glass, cabinets, mirrors. The project possibilities are endless. If you are looking for something truly unique , this is your place. Plus every time you go you will find different things.


The inside had some great refinished items and even some already upcycled art pieces made out of spoons, chainsaw chains and random other stuff. My favorite was a turtle made from an old army helmet and a spoon for a head. So whether you want to find cool stuff for your own upcycle project, or are looking for some already done upcycle pieces. This is your place to shop. The have reclaimed door knobs, drawer pulls and other cool decorating hardware. They also have other random bins filled with corks, buttons, poker chips, shells. Anything you might need for a great art project.


I found the staff to be friendly and honest. I was looking at a set of garden solar lights and one staff came over and said “just so you know they don’t actually work anymore.” I appreciated the honesty and ended up buying them anyway because the stained glass was beautiful and even if I couldn’t get them working they would be a great decoration for the patio project. (check out our Design on a Die project :Design on A dime Project: Mother in Law’s Patio Part 1)



You can check out more about this amazing shop on Facebook: Mine in Mystic

Happy Shopping!


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4 thoughts on “Mine Shop, Mystic, CT: An Upcycler’s Paradise!

  1. This is such sound thinking! Every town should have a place like this and we could all recycle even much more than we do already. I love upcycling too, it give an excitement hard to capture in other ways 🙂
    Thanks, by the way, for visiting my blog and following, I found yours in this way and am happy.


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