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DIY Pallet Garden


There is nothing like fresh veggies from your own garden. But with working full time and being a mom, I don’t have a huge amount of time to weeds and tend to my garden. So I am always looking for low maintenance garden ideas. The other part about gardening that I find difficult is the preparation before planting. The pallet garden solves both of these for me. It was amazingly easy to set up and get ready to plant and is low maintenance. The slats in the pallets make perfect garden rows and leave little extra room for weeds to grow. Plus, as an added bonus it was super cheap to set up. We recently moved and faced with the task of completely resetting up our garden all over again. Here is how we did it.


1. Check with local hardware or garden stores for free pallets. Some of them send them back to the company but some will give them away free just to get rid of them.

2. Staple weed block fabric to the underside of each pallet. We purchased ours at Ocean State JobLot for $10.00 per roll.

3. Position the pallets where you want your garden to be. Fill the pallets with a mix of dirt and fertilizers. We use composted manure from our horse.

4. Fence around the pallets to keep out predators out. We used some left over fencing from our horse paddock.

Boom! You are ready to plant!


You can also add mulch , straw or hay around the plants when you are done to minimize weed growth.


So we have our raised bed garden for only $10.00.

13 thoughts on “DIY Pallet Garden

  1. Im starting this at the moment but there seem to be a few downfalls… the roots dont have a whole lot of room to root nice and deep. The second, you can’t grow root vegetables. Idk If I am going to continue this… speaking wtih someone more experienced than me, she said the roots really need more space than whats between the gap in the pallet. any thoughts?


    1. This is our first year doing it this way too. We did our root vegetables in containers. We made potatoes cages out of fencing, lined it with hay and filled it with soil. Carrots are in planters, onions too. As far as the roots not having room. I have seen people grown tomatoes in bags of soil. So I am not too worried. Our pallets are pretty deep. All pallets are a little different. You could always till the soil under the pallets and not put weed block, so the roots could go deeper, if your pallets are really shallow. The slats in all pallets are different spaced too, so pick deep pallets with wide spaces. We skipped a few rows in between bigger plants like squash and zucchini. Good luck.

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