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Homemade Berry Iced Tea Recipe and Giveaway



Cutting Back on Sugary Drinks: Homemade Berry Iced Tea

One thing we do in our house that may be different than most American families is we do not have soda or juice. We just don’t buy it. So what do we drink? We always have milk. We have amazing fresh well water and we make our own iced tea.  We have many variations, mint tea with fresh mint from the garden is a favorite, but sometimes we just do plain Iced tea with lemon.  The kids love it and it is loaded with antioxidants. Plus, it has a lot less sugar than store bought drinks. Here is the sugar content for some popular drinks:

Sugar in grams per 8 oz.

Unsweetened apple juice- 24 grams

Coke- 29 grams

Vitamin water- 13 grams

Arizona Iced Tea- 24 grams

Minute maid Lemon aid- 27 grams

Orange juice- 24 grams

CapriSun drink pouch- 18 grams


According to the American Heart Association men are recommended to have 37.5 grams per day and women 25 grams per day.  Children under 12 are only supposed to have 16 grams per day.  This means that one caprisun juice box in their lunch is already too much sugar, much less the orange juice they had for breakfast.

So what’s the sugar content of our Homemade Iced Tea? Well, if you like plain tea, it could be zero. We make ours with only ¾ cup of sugar per 5 quarts. Which makes it a sweet treat for us, but only weighs in with 7.5 grams per eight ounces. You could also use Honey instead of white sugar, lowering the sugar content but still adding sweetness.  I know some people use stevia or  artificial sweeteners, but I don’t like that chemicals in them and they tend to give me headaches. So I stick with real sugar or honey.  I use 8 oz, refillable containers for the kids lunches. Which means sugar instead of the 18 grams in juice pouch.


Here is  Great Recipe for Berry Iced Tea:

8 Wild Blueberry and Acai Green Tea Bags

5 quarts of water

¾ cup white sugar

1 tablespoon lemon juice

Boil the water on the stovetop. Turn off the heat and add tea bags. Allow to steep until desired strength. I brew mine about 5 minutes. strain out teabags and add sugar and lemon juice. Allow to cool. Store in a sealed container in the refrigerator.  Drink with in one week.

Try making your own! You can do variations using mint tea or Citrus Tea!

Win two free boxes of tea to try out your own homemade iced tea by sharing this to your Facebook page and write shared in the comment section of this blog post. I will randomly select a winner on Sunday May 22, 2016. If you are the winner I will contact you and request the shipping info to send you the tea.


6 thoughts on “Homemade Berry Iced Tea Recipe and Giveaway

  1. You arent the only one who doesn’t buy soda. All we have in our house is water, milk, juice, and iced tea. I would prefer a healthier iced tea though. Thanks for the post. I love green and herbal teas.


  2. I also don’t buy (or drink) soft drinks. I always have fresh goat milk on hand and was just thinking I need to dig out my sun tea jar soon. Your blog looks interesting – am looking forwarding to having time to read all your posts.


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