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DIY Patio Table

Need some new patio furniture? Here is a simple idea n how to refinish an old bird bath into a cute bistro table.

We used a cement birdbath that we had salvaged and an old piece of reclaimed  plywood.


1.Cut the wood into a 2 foot diameter circle


2. Paint the wood piece with a good outdoor paint primer. Allow to fully dry


3.Spray paint all the pieces of the birdbath and the wood top with the color Rustolium of your choice. We chose a Caribbean blue for a tropical feel.


4. After all the pieces are fully dry, reassemble the birdbath and place the table top on top. TA DA!  Your new table.

You can always seal the top to the caulk , if you are worried about it moving around. Ours seemed sturdy, so no caulk needed.


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