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DIY Peppermint Oil


This is a simple way to make peppermint oil with your fresh peppermint. I should note that this method uses a carrier oil to infuse the peppermint oil from the plant into. This type of peppermint oil is not the same as the pure therapeutic grade essential oils you can purchase. But is still great for many uses and packed full of menthol. To find out 25 great uses for peppermint oil. check out my other post:25 Uses for peppermint oil

Things you will need:

A glass jar with a lid ( I used these: glass ball jars)

Cheese Cloth  (you can order it : here )

A large bowl

Lots of fresh peppermint

A carrier oil (any light colored non flavored oil) I used sunflower oil. (order yours here)


Wash and drain your peppermint. You want to bruise the peppermint but not crush it. I used a kitchen mallet to bang them up a bit and release the oil. Put the bruised leaves and stems into a glass jar and completely cover with your carrier oil.



Let sit in the sun for 2-3 days. Strain out the oil into a bowl through the cheeses cloth to remove all the plant matter.


Add more peppermint and repeat the process until the desired strength is reached. I repeated it 3 times and my oil turned a nice dark green color. It had an earthy peppermint smell and tingled when it I put some on my lips.

I store mine in a mason jar. I also put some in glass dropper bottles  to give to my kids teachers at the end of the year. You should use it up with in a few months.


7 thoughts on “DIY Peppermint Oil

      1. Smell but I rub the oil into my temples and on the back of my neck at the base. No longer use the 5 medications I was prescribed for migraines.

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  1. Another great post! I’ve got an abundance of lemon balm (is it called that in the US? Basically lemony smelling mint) that I’m making into oil using your method. I’m going to add it to water to use in an oil burner to get rid of kitchen smells. May also add other herbs in to make a custom blend! I bet if you used it outside it would work in the same way as citronella and keep the insects away. I will experiment and let you know!

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