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Fairy Gardens on a Budget


I love making fairy gardens with my kids. But the tiny little furniture and accessories that are sold at craft or garden stores are ridiculously expensive. Especially when you make several in  season. (It’s a favorite activity).

So we figured out ways to be creative and save money on our fairy gardens.

  1. Look at yard sales for old doll house furniture. We bought a whole box for a dollar last summer. We like to look for metal or wood , instead of plastic. It gives the fairy garden a more natural look.
  2. Make you own furniture and accessories. We used bottle caps for plates, acorn tops for bowls, and glue together sticks and leaves to make chairs, beds, tables, etc. The kids collected wild berries as a “fairy feast” to fill the plates and bowls.
  3. Instead of buying those expensive mini plants from the garden center, we buy seeds and the kids water and grow their own garden for the dairies, we also use a lot of plants from the wild, such as moss and wild flowers.
  4. We use left over craft material to decorate with, bits of ribbon, glitter, shells, bits of sea glass, and Popsicle sticks.
  5. We collect pebbles and found objects from nature to add to the decor. The kids have a ball searching for things to use.
  6. Instead of buying a container for your garden, use a recycled one. We have made them in old planters, glass jars, baskets, sand buckets, sometimes we even do a small “scene” next to a tree or in our patio garden without a container.

Happy fairy garden building!  If you have any ideas please add them to the comment section so everyone can enjoy them.

You also might check out my other article Fostering Creative Kids: Don’t Buy Them Toys  . My kids don’t play with a lot of conventional toys, they prefer activities like building fairy gardens and fairy boats. You can see their latest fairy boat in the article above.

Here are a few ideas:


7 thoughts on “Fairy Gardens on a Budget

  1. We did a few fairy gardens last year. They were really fun to do!

    I found that having plants around that you could use from the garden keeps the costs WELL down. But you are oh so very right about the cost of the furniture and whatnot! O.O

    We went and looked around some charity shops and car boot sales for kids toys that would fit… Found a few pieces. We found that it pays to keep your eyes open all the time, not just when making them.


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