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10 minute Teriyaki Chicken

Teriyaki Chicken_0

It’s 4h night tonight, which means I need another quick dinner. Time to break out my pressure cooker.


Here’s tonight’s dinner:

Servings  4
6    Chicken thighs, boneless  
1/2  cup  Potato starch or cornstarch  
1/2 cup   Red pepper, diced  
1/2 cup    Green pepper, diced  
6  ounce  pineapple, diced  
2  clove  garlic, minced  
1    Inch ginger, minced  
6  ounce  Teriyaki sauce  
1  cup  chicken stock  
1  pinch  White Pepper  



Dredge the chicken in cornstarch

  1. Place the Inner Pot into the Pressure Cooker. Press the Soup/Stew button to set to 10 minutes.
  2. Add all ingredients into the Inner Pot.
  3. Place the Lid on the Pressure Cooker and lock. Switch the Pressure Release Valve to Closed.
  4. Once the Timer reaches 0, the Cooker will automatically switch to KEEP WARM.  Press the CANCEL button. Switch the Pressure Release Valve to Open. When the steam is released completely, remove the Lid.
  5. Serve over rice

Dinner done in 10 minutes and then off to Happy hoof Beats 4H club!!


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