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DIY Floating Duck House

Floating Duck House


We had a male and female mallard duck nest near our pond this year. We were so excited that they laid their eggs in the bog and we were awaiting the arrival of the ducklings. Unfortunately, we were not the only residents excited about the duck eggs. Something smashed and ate them during the night. The kids were disappointed, but they know that is part of nature and that the animal that ate them needed to eat too. But we came up with a solution that will hopefully increase our chances of ducklings in the future.


We made a floating duck house out of a reclaimed wood pallet, an old wooden shipping crate and some pool noodles. Here’s how you can make one too.


Start with a nice lightweight pallet . (All pallets are different we chose one that was lighter than most)


Cut pool noodles to the length of the pallet and slide them in between the pallet layers


Fill in the gaps around the pool noodles with spray foam insulation

Allow the insulation to dry completely (about 20 minute)


Cut a door into the wooden box crate

Nail the box crate to the top of the pallet.


Paint the whole thing with a nice coat of outdoor primer


Then Paint it a natural color, we used brown

Put some hay or wood shavings inside the house



We then floated it out into the pond, we attached ropes with cinder block on them to keep it anchored in place.

Here are some other examples I have found that handy people made:


Don’t want to build your own, you can buy this one here



5 thoughts on “DIY Floating Duck House

  1. When I worked at the council, one of the parks we dealt with had a floating duck house. Happily we never had to deal with it but we did have to help pull it in once. They used noodles like you did but they just covered the whole thing with a piece of tarp… Probably because they are lazy and probably just found a tarp around the place.
    This was how they did most things in the council! >.<


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