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Turning Recycled Pallets into a Business

I absolutely love recycled pallet ideas. My husband thinks I am crazy and slightly obsessed with pallets. We have built a fence, a chicken coop ,  Pallet Garden and Floating Duck House so far on our farm. Using all recycled pallets. If I was more skilled at using power tools and carpentry work, I would make so many more things out of pallets. It is such a great way to recycle wood and get a great rustic look.The number of pallets out there is truly staggering. Nearly 2 billion wooden pallets are currently in circulation in the US alone, with a majority of them replaced each year. This consumes an estimated 50 percent of the country’s annual hardwood harvest. Read more:

Pallet recycling is good for the environment , but can also be good for your wallet.

One local Bozrah, CT. man and his wife have figured out a way to use recycled pallet wood and turn it into a profitable business. Dennis Reid and his family started making rustic country home decor from recycled wood, such as pallets and old barn doors. They Sell their amazing creations at farmer’s markets and vendor fairs all over Connecticut. Here are some of their creations.
The moral of this story is, if you have a little bit of carpentry skill, some reclaimed wood and a lot of creative imagination, you can help the environment and make a profit doing it. Since I am not as handy as Dennis Reid, I will be visiting their booth at the next fair to get some truly rustic decor for our new farmhouse. Plus, I want to sample some of their homemade salsa..
You can check out more of the Reid Family’s work at their business’ Facebook site :White Owl
You can come see their stuff in person and get some yummy farm fresh treats  at their
next market  June 18th at the Waterford, CT Town Hall. A week later at the Salem Vintage Market June 25-26. They sell pallet work, fresh flowers, jarred salsa, eggs, and blueberries.
Now go find some pallets and start recycling… or should I say, upcycling!!!!  You can get some great ideas at my favorite store in mystic. For more upcycling ideas, check out my post:Mine Shop, Mystic, CT: An Upcycler’s Paradise!

12 thoughts on “Turning Recycled Pallets into a Business

  1. I love this. One of my friends has built himself a whole decked area/workout space with veranda in his garden out of pallets, it looks incredible! Also, if you have a fire pit pallets burn really well, just takes a bit of effort to chop them up.


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