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Yumbox Lunch Ideas

Yumbox lunch box overview.

My kids love those pre packaged lunchables. But not only are they expensive for what you get, but full of sodium and preservatives. So I found a healthier alternative that makes the kids happy and makes me feel better about what they are eating for lunch. It’s called a yumbox. It is a bento style lunch box that is basically a plastic reusable version of the disposable carton lunchables come in.

There are two different styles, one has 5, 1/2 cup sections, plus a small round dip section. The other has a large 2 cup portion section and 2, 1/2 cup sections plus the dip section. Here is what they look like:

5 section yumbox
3 section yumbox

I use the three section version because the 2 cup section fits a sandwich in it perfectly. But if you have little kids or kids that don’t like sandwiches the 5 section one gives you more spaces for different snacks. If I need to section of the large part , I just insert a silicone backing cup and it dives it nicely.

The inner tray comes out for easy cleaning, and the lid is fitted so that each section seals individually. Meaning no spills and no mixing of food. You can even fill it with applesauce or pudding and it won’t get all over the other food sections

I love that it has perfect portion sized sections. It makes me more aware of how much fruit, chips, etc. I am serving my kids. It also is a great way for the kids to learn what an actually serving size of food is. Eventually, I want my kids to be able to use the yumbox to pack their own healthy lunches.

Here are some of the lunches we have packed so far:


If you have any great yumbox ideas, I would love to hear about them. Thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “Yumbox Lunch Ideas

  1. The wife used to have bento boxes for her lunch. We used to make up carrot and cucumber sticks, a cool riata dip and a selection of either cheese, sliced ham rolled up, cooked chicken strips or maybe some small satay sticks.
    She also occasionally had steamed broccoli florettes. They went down well but a pain in the backside to do. *shrug*

    She tried taking hard coiled eggs too but she didn’t like them so much and a can of tuna was tried but rejected as the rest of the office staff complained of the after-smell! B-)


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