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Wild Kingdom Week on the Farm

Baby fawn next to the driveway

This week apparently is wildlife week on the Gungywamp farm. So far we have had a big black rat snake blocking the road. A grumpy snapping turtle in the pool. A baby fawn next to the driveway and a curious baby raccoon checking out daddy’s car.  I love spring in the woods!


Grumpy snapping turtle

6 thoughts on “Wild Kingdom Week on the Farm

  1. Isn’t living where there are so many critters that come to visit great? We have a family of foxes, a possum I’ve name Patrick, and a small herd of deer (6) who have take up residence here. Seeing our “babies” is heaven!

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  2. Lol. Grumpy is a good name too. Lol. We have turtles and bunnies in our backyard. One of the lovely things about living in Florida. The wildlife. Our turtles are endangered. The snappers are more north of here. We’ve been feeding ours for many, many years. They love blueberries (expensive here) and cherry tomatoes. 🙂 love your blog.

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  3. Sounds lovely, the most exciting here is the fact the bees have found the bee box, the leafcutter bees have moved in, (I have posted a vid on my other site giveitanothergo.wordpress.com)

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      1. Basical it’s a box with canes in, solitary bees love the holes. My son brought me mine a couple of years ago, but they are very easy to make to.

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