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Chicks 101: 12 Benefits To Raising Your Own Backyard Chickens

Found this great blog about the benefits of owning chickens. We mainly got ours for the eggs but have found that they are cutting down on the flies in the horse barn and the ticks in the yard . They are very helpful little critters.

The Grange

Beneficial, rewarding and exciting are just a few words that describe the experience of having your own flock of backyard chickens. These birds offer many more benefits than the obvious one, a regular supply of your own eggs.

Listed below are some of the many benefits to why you should start raising your own chickens:

blogsign11. Fresh, Healthy Eggs Daily

A hen lays one egg a day. These eggs have a richer taste compared to store bought ones. Since backyard chickens have the ability to touch and roam on soil unlike factory- farm chickens, their eggs have a higher nutritious value to them. Compared to store bought eggs, the egg has 25 percent more vitamin E, a third more vitamin A and 75 percent more beta carotene. They also have significantly more omega-3 fatty acids than factory farmed eggs. Plus, the eggs are free of charge and always fresh!

2. Enriches…

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2 thoughts on “Chicks 101: 12 Benefits To Raising Your Own Backyard Chickens

  1. I’ve got 4 little ladies right now. We started with 6 baby chicks last April, so I’m new to the chicken-keeping world. They are relatively low maintenance most of the time and the eggs are delicious. And they are a lot of fun – I love their different personalities and behavior.

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