Summer Fun: Sledding without Snow

My kids were a little bummed that our pool was being filled in this summer due to disrepair. So grandma bought them a slip and slide. Which  they thought was awesome. However , they were getting some major grass burns as they slid off the bottom of it onto the grass. So we decided to get a blow up pool to add to the end of the slide for a landing pool. Apparently we did not fill it with enough water to start with, because the kids hit the pool and the pool took off down the hill like a sled. Well, of course, the kids thought this was incredibly awesome and thus, sledding without snow was started.


Use big sheets of plastic sold on rolls at he hard ware store for a wider slide

Don’t fill the pool all the way with air, leave it kinda floppy

Don’t fill the pool with a lot of water or it will be too heavy to slid down the hill

squirt the slide with dish soap to make it slicker and use less water

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