Coupon Savings: Spice Grinders

So I was asked by a seller on Amazon to review their spice grinders. I was excited to get free stuff, but hesitant to agree to review them. After all, I am pretty frugal and hate to try to tell people to spend money on things they don’t need. Now I say this because I have never owned a nice set of salt and pepper shakers. I buy the cheap disposable kind and they have suited me just fine.  But, the seller also offered me a 35% off coupon code to pass on to my readers. So for the sake of saving you guys money, I agreed to review the spice grinders.

The box came in the mail and I opened right away.I was really surprised at the size of the grinders. They were bigger than I had thought, and heavier too. They are a very good quality. Plus, unlike my cheapo ones, they look awesome out on my kitchen counter or on my table when serving company.

I was excited to try them out. Luckily my husband had recently bought a new container of whole pepper corns. So I filled one up with the pepper and ground some into my hand.”wow. look how nice and fine it grounds !” I exclaimed to my husband. (my cheapo one tends to spit out some large chunks that can be quite a surprise to bite into, definitely wakes you up!) My husband just laughed at me and then pointed out that the grinder was adjustable, by loosening or tightening the grinder dial, you can produce a fine to a coarse chop. I was pretty impressed. This was not a feature that my cheapo grinders offered me. At this point I am pretty sure my husband thinks I am a complete and total dork. My parents always used the preground salt and pepper shakers, so this was all new to me. Unlike his mother, who really loves to cook and had all these neat kitchen gadgets.

Anyways, we used our pepper grinder while cooking dinner last night to test it out and I loved it. I am not sure I can ever go back to the cheapo one again. I think this has ruined me.

We did not have any sea salt to put in the other grinder. But starring at the empty one gave me an idea. What else could  we put in the other grinder? I thought of coriander, dried garlic and dried chile peppers. I actually really like the idea of using it for other spices , rather than salt. The pre ground salt works just fine. But being able to grind up other spices on demand will make our recipes easier and quicker. I think I am going to save the second grinder for coriander.

All and all, I love the spice grinders and I am really happy that I agreed to try them. Being frugal is great, but sometimes you find that you get what you pay for. In this case you get a high quality set of grinders that look nice and perform way better than the the cheaper counterpart.

So , if you want to try them out you can find the link to Amazon here


he. When you get to the check out page, enter    N7NWHHOT    into the coupon code to get 35% off your stainless steel grinder set. Coupon code is valid through July 31, 2016.

Thanks for reading  and hopefully not laughing at me too hard!






5 thoughts on “Coupon Savings: Spice Grinders

      1. Yep. works now… *Ahem* after I refreshed the page. >.>
        I’m an idiot at times. *sigh*

        Can’t get them in the UK. Shame (And shipping to here would be REALLY expensive!)


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