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Debone Chicken Thighs in 5 Easy Steps


1.Peel away the skin with your fingers. Cut any remaining skin off with a knife.




2.Slice along the bone in a straight line down and peel back to expose the bone. Keep slicing along the bone and peeling the meat away from the bone.

3. After the large bone has been removed, cut out the small white nub bone at the end of the thigh meat.


4.Trim away the fat

5. Feel around with your fingers t make sure there are no more small bits of bone. If you feel a hard piece cut it out with your knife.

Each thigh takes about 1-2 minutes to skin and bone.


A sharp knife is a must for this, sharpen your knife before starting
It is actually easier to peal back the meat from the bone if the meat is still slightly frozen

Find out why chicken thighs are better than chicken breasts:What Cut of Chicken to Buy?

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