On the farm

My Disaster in the Backyard

We moved into my families farm house last summer. We never wanted a pool, but since there was one in the backyard already, we decided we would keep it until it needed repairs and then fill it in to make more room for our gardens and an outdoor kitchen. Well, this year the pipes broke and so we are filling it in….or trying to.

Murphy’s law: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” You gotta love Murphy he’s such an optimist! EVERYTIME we start a home improvement project Murphy loves to remind us of the pitfalls of life. Usually the problems start snowballing because something wasn’t constructed right to begin with, so trying to “fix” one part turns into a much bigger job. In the case of our swimming pool, the opposite is true. The pool was put in so well, it a booger and half to get it out. Seriously!? The one thing I want to remove is the one thing that was built to last. The irony kills me.  We watched a friend fill their pool in last week and it took all of about an hour for the back hoe to knock the cement into the pool and then fill it with dirt. Ours is going on three days and still half way there. The metal sides of the pool were cemented into the ground, making it so that they had to be cut each piece out with a blow torch. UGH!


Here’s the progression so far:


Broken Pool collecting dirt and mosquito….It’s like a big blue bug light!


The liner ripped out, but the machine can’t get the walls down because they are cemented in….yeah!!!!

Here are the walls being removed one at a time!😞

Almost there, finally getting some dirt back in.

IF we ever get it all the way out, we are looking to create an outdoor kitchen are with a fire pit and seating. If you have pictures or links of ideas you can share please drop them in the comments section. We would love to see everyone’s creativity before deciding on exactly what we want to do. Thanks everyone for your help with my backyard disaster!


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