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Four Thieves Vinegar Herbal Remedy


Have you ever heard the legend of the four thieves that survived the  plaque with a mixture of herbs and vinegar? According to the legend during the  plaque outbreak in Europe. Four men robbed the homes of plaque victims without becoming ill themselves. Upon being caught, they were given leniency in exchange for their secret of how they did not contract the plaque. They had soaked their clothing and covered their faces with rags soaked in a herb and vinegar mixture. The herbs were specifically known for their antibacterial and antiviral properties. The vinegar of the four thieves can still be used today to aid in preventing illness or shortening your recovery time.

Four Thieves Vinegar Ingredients:







Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (With the “mother” still in it)

Put all the herbs an garlic into a glass mason jar.

Pour the Vinegar over the herbs and garlic.( Note: The vinegar is strong enough to corrode some metal lids. I either use a plastic lid or I put a layer of plastic wrap between the metal lid and the jar before sealing tightly.)

Leave in a cool, dark, place for 6 weeks. Shake frequently to thoroughly mix the herbs.

After 6 weeks, strain the herbs using cheese cloth or a fine strainer. Store in glass bottles with a secure plastic lid.


To use the vinegar:

When you are feeling ill, Adults can mix 1 tablespoon in a glass of water or tea. Children should only mix a teaspoon. Do this several times a day and it will help you get better quicker. Or You can take the vinegar to help prevent illness , if a family member is sick and you know you are being exposed to germs.

6 thoughts on “Four Thieves Vinegar Herbal Remedy

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      1. Yes my website is 🙂
        I tried many other brands of oils before I tried YL. I wanted to use young living essentials because they own their own farms, and are there to ensure quality from seed to seal. Once I tried them, I could really tell the difference. I feel a lot more confident with using these oils on my body & for my health because they are therapeutic grade, & 100% pure. Check out the essential oils section of my website if you’d like more info, or feel free to email me at, I would love to help you out!

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