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Growing a Medicine Garden : Sage

I began sharing my herbal medicine garden one plant at a time with my first post:Growing a Medicine Garden: Spearmint.

My next stop on my medicine garden tour is Sage. Sage is one of the herbs I dry the most of in my garden because I use it mainly in winter time during cold and flu season. It was highly valued for it’s antiviral and antibacterial properties through out history. It is even rumored to have been used in a tonic to ward off the plague. You can read more about that tonic in my article .Four Thieves Vinegar Herbal Remedy

I use my dried Sage to make a yummy tea that I give to my family on a regular basis during cold and flu season to help prevent them from getting sick. It makes a very aromatic and delicious tea that the kids love to drink with honey and lemon. They like the taste, I like that it is keeping them healthy.

Sage Tea Recipe:

2 tablespoons fresh sage leaves (or 1 tablespoon dried)

2 cups boiling water

Honey and lemon to taste

Cover the sage leaves with with boiling water, allow to steep for 10 minutes. strain out the leaves with a fine strainer and add honey and lemon to taste. Makes 2 cups.

When my one of them does come down with a cold or sinus infection, I make up a steaming pot of hot water , sage and thyme. I have the kids sit over the steaming pot and inhale the sage and thyme oils in with the steam. It helps clear the mucus and fight off the infection. You can use the dried herbs or you can use sage and thyme essential oils in the hot water. Both work well.

Sage is also great for sore throats and throat infections. You can mix a little bit of sage oil in warm water to gargle with or you can make a tea with the dried leaves and gargle with the warm tea.

Sage makes a great antibacterial soap that is great for washing away those germs the kids pick up everywhere they go. I have the kids wash their hands everyday, immediately upon coming home from school to help prevent them bringing germs into the house.

Homemade Antibacterial Soap





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