Easy Pulled Pork Sandwiches

This recipe is fantastic because it cooks all day while I am at work and is done when I get home. But it still has that fresh cooked juicy flavor to it. It’s a great weeknight hack on a more involved dish.

You will need:

Electric Pressure Cooker (Pressure Cookers: The best thing since crock pots!)

5 pound pork picnic shoulder

1 small onion (peeled and chopped0

1 small apple(peeled and chopped)

12 0z. beer

4 oz. apple cider vinegar

8 oz. water

olive oil


Pork Rub:

1.5 tablespoons garlic powder

1.5 tablespoons paprika

1.5 tablespoons salt

1.5 tsp cumin

Cayenne pepper to taste


Trim the skin off the pork shoulder. Rub it with olive oil and cover it with the pork rub mixture. Wrap t in plastic wrap and refrigerate over night. In the morning (10 hours before dinner time) place the onion and apple inside the pressure cooker, place the pork shoulder on top and pour in the liquid ingredients. seal the lid. make sure the pressure valve is locked. Press the slow cook button and increase the time to 10 hours.

Go to work , go about your day, your dinner is cooking itself!

10 hours later. After the pressure cooker beeps. release the steam valve. remove the pork from the pot and shred with a fork.

Serve on Buns! You can eat it with just the vinegar bbq sauce that it was cooked in or you can add some sticky bbq sauce if you that’s the way you like it.



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6 thoughts on “Easy Pulled Pork Sandwiches

  1. I love pulled pork. I need to make more for the freezer. I do mine in the crockpot. I do have a stove top pressure cooker for the next time I want to can stuff. I picked it up from a yardsale for $5. I think it’s one of those appliances that if I had one, I’d probably use it but I don’t feel like my life is lacking by not owning one. Same thing is true for a lot of people in regards to slow cookers.

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