Upset Tummy Tea

Summer time means a lot of picnics an bbq. It also means a lot of different foods that can cause digestion issues and upset stomachs. Rather than popping a lot of pills to aid in your digestion discomfort, you can treat these ailments naturally with these two herbal tea remedies.

Stomach ache/ nausea tea Recipe

1/4 tablespoon dried chamomile

1/4 tablespoon lemon grass

1/4 tablespoon dried peppermint

1/4 tablespoon dried yarrow

Chamomile reduces muscle spasms and inflammation of mucus membranes, it relaxes the digestion track, and reduces cramping. Lemongrass is shown to aid in relaxation ad relieving digestion upset. Peppermint and yarrow are known to aid in digestion and relieve stomach discomfort , such as gas, bloating and nausea

place the herbs in a tea strainer or wrap in cheesecloth. Steep in boiling water for 20 minutes. strain out the herbs and flavor the tea with honey. Sip slowly to relax the stomach and relieve discomfort.



Indigestion / Acid Reflux Tea

1 part anise

1 part fennel root

1 part ginger root

Chop up the ginger and fennel, crush the anise seeds and simmer in a pot on medium heat with 1 quart water. simmer until it reduces by 1/4 amount of water. strain an sweeten with honey. sip to relieve your indigestion symptoms.

This tea is also good for gas and bloating issues. Anise helps aid in the digestion of “heavy foods”, it also relieves gas and bloating in the intestines. Fennel also stimulated proper digestion and relieves cramps and bloating. Ginger soothes an upset stomach and relaxes the digestive tract.


For more ideas on how to treat acid reflux naturally check out: All Natural Relief for Acid Reflux



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