All Natural Homemade Eczema Salve

My sister in law has horrible eczema on her hands. She has tried every doctor’s prescription cream and steroid going, but nothing seems to help. Sometimes it it so bad her hands and fingers are broken open and bleeding. I decided to make her an eczema salve for her birthday to hopefully help offer her some relief. Here are the ingredients that I chose and why.

Yarrow: Helps heal irritated skin from rashes , bug bites and eczema

Sage:Has anti bacterial properties, eczema break outs can also get bateria in them, making it harder for your body to heal the wound. The sage will help get rid of the bacteria to allow you body to naturally heal the skin.

Lemon balm: the anti-histamine properties in lemon balm help heal and sooth the irritation from eczema

Aloe: Helps sooth the irritation and helps the skin maintain moisture

Peppermint: helps heal and sooth the skin, as well as anti -microbial to keep out bacteria from the eczema breakout.

Tumeric: has natural anti inflammatory properties to help reduce swelling in the skin

olive oil: Provides moisture from natural oils that is easily absorbed by the skin .

Tea tree oil:Soothes and heals damaged skin, also help fight bacteria and allow the body to heal.

Beeswax: Helps seal in the medicinal properties of the plants and soothes the skin, it also forms a barrier to protect the skin and lock in moisture while it heals.

Step one: Infusing the oil

I filled a mason jar about half way with lemon balm leaves, yarrow leaves , sage leaves and peppermint leaves. I covered them with olive oil and allowed them to infuse in the sun for 3 days. I then strained out the plant material. Added more and let infuse again for 3 days. then strained it again.

Step two: heating it all together

In a double boiler heat one cup of the infused oil. Add two tablespoons beeswax, a few drops of peppermint essencial oil, a few drops of tea tree oil, 1/4 teaspoon powdered turmeric, and 1 tablespoon aloe vera sap. Allow the beeswax to fully melt. mix all the ingredients well.

Step three: Cool the Salve:

Pour the mixture into a dark colored glass jar with a sealable lid. leave uncovered until cool. Place the lid on tightly and store in a cool dark place.

Apply small amount of the salve to the effected area daily, especially after hand washing and before you go to bed at night to allow it to really soak into the skin


4 thoughts on “All Natural Homemade Eczema Salve

  1. I work in a daycare and therefore have to wash my hands constantly! Especially in winter, this leaves my skin super dry and raw, even cracked and. bleeding at times. This sounds like just the thing to help.


  2. I always used cortisone. I used to get eczema on my arms and neck. I think my daughter might have my skin since I’m starting to see patches. sadly I have bad luck with scented products.


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