Pressure Cooker Lobsters


My baby girl turned 12 today! Omg! That means lobster for dinner. Ever since she was 2 years old my daughter has wanted lobsters for dinner on her birthday. she is the only girl grandchild and so her Opa said to her on her second birthday “you can anything you want for your birthday”. Well, Michaela’s no dummy. She knew just what to ask for. so she looked at her Opa with cute little chubby cheeks and said, “I want lobster!”   And so, a tradition was born.

Up until this year my dad had always cooked the lobster, but my parents are getting older so I decided to take over the tradition. I took one look at the giant pot I was suppose to fill with water and wait for it to boil and thought…..nope. I am going to use my favorite kitchen gadget…..My pressure cooker. (Pressure Cookers: The best thing since crock pots!)

The recipe said I could fit 5 , 1 pound lobsters in the pot at a time. I probably could have , if the little boogers would have cooperated and laid nicely in the pot. but these little guys did not want to be dinner. So I only was able to do two lobsters at a time. which was fine because they only take 5 minutes to cook. So the first two were able to cool for the kids while I cooked the other two.

It was so easy, it only took one cup of water instead of gallons. Plus it was all done in about 15 minutes. I just plopped the two lobsters in the pot, added 1/2 cup white wine and one cup water. seal the lid and push the fish/veggie button for 5 minutes. When one set was done I took them out to cool and placed the other two in with the same liquid from the first two and rest the cooker for another 5 min.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl! Hope you enjoyed your lobsters!


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