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A Happy Ending for One Sad Pony!

Christmas eve night we got a special present. A rescue pony named Fantasia. Fantasia was rescued from the New Holland Auction in Pennsylvania. She was rescued from a kill pen and brought to Connecticut by a local volunteer. Here in Connecticut she was boarded at a small farm, but just couldn’t seem to gain weight. He vet bills were piling up and Fantasia’s health was rapidly diminishing. She was suffering from horrific stomach ulcers , from her stressful time at the auction. She refused to eat and was in a great deal of pain.


My 12 year old daughter wanted to help Fantasia so she started a fund to raise money to try to help Fantasia.We agreed to board Fantasia and try to get her healthy again. We raised over $950 dollars with the help of family , friends and strangers who wanted to help My daughter save horses. Several Vet visits, medications given 3 x per day and a few diet changes and finally… Fantasia started gaining weight. Her sad demeanor was replaced by playful curiosity and she began having fun around the farm with the cats, the chickens, the dog and of course her faithful companion, our appaloosa pony, Molly. She follows everyone around begging for carrots and she loves to roll in the dirt. She even likes to sit in the field with the cats and watch the chickens.


Most of the money raised went to pay for Fantasia’s vet bills and medication. But we were also able to give $500 to a local rescue to help save more ponies.Fantasia is enjoying her new farm family and we are happy to have our spunky little pony. It has been a great journey and we thank everyone who donated and helped with this rescue project.

Fantasia will live happily ever after.


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