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Turn Your Pressure Cooker into a Bread Maker


My husband thinks I am obsessed with my pressure cooker…. I might be…a little. I am having fun trying to find new and interesting ways to use it. I came across the idea of turning it into a break maker. I was skeptical. I mean steamed bread? But Curiosity got the better of me and I just had to try it.

You will need:

An electric pressure cooker

A small tin coffee can- no lid

Tin Foil


I used this simple dough recipe . But cut the recipe in half to make a smaller amount of dough.

Grease the inside of the coffee can with olive oil

Cover the can with tin foil, making sure to have a tight seal around the can.

Place the can inside the pressure cooker pot and fill the pot half way up the can with water.

Seal the lid and press the rice button and adjust time to 35 minutes. (high pressure setting 35 minutes)

Allow the steam to vent , when done and the remove the can from the cooker with oven mitts.

Tip the can upside down and shake to remove the bread. Allow to cool 10-15 minutes before cutting.


It made a small loaf of bread. The bread was tasty. It was not crunchy. but I sliced it up thinly and placed the slices under the broiler with some butter and they browned up nice. Served with a fried egg over it for breakfast. It also made great grill cheeses for the kids. It was an interesting experiment. But I think I prefer just baking the bread in the oven.



6 thoughts on “Turn Your Pressure Cooker into a Bread Maker

  1. Your post sparked good memories as I remember we had mielie bread, used to buy in a tin & heat it up in pot with boiling water. No recipe but had whole mielies in it. You dont want it brown so you would use it as it from the tin… just warm with butter yum. Miss it as it was really good.

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  2. I cook with an ordinary pressure cooker, not an electric one, I love it. My mum also used to cook with a pressure cooker and things are cooked so fast, it’s real easy to put on a soup and have it ready in 10 minutes. I’ve never cooked bread in it though, might try it but I would be reluctant to use the aluminium foil. Great blog.

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