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5 + Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

IMG_20160708_110203984In my house we always try to encourage the kids to try new things, especially foods. Today my husband came home from the store with a dragon fruit. The kids love dragons and so were super excited. Dragon fruit is also a lovely shade of bright pink, which my daughter thought was really cool. So the kids agreed to try it.

Great!  Accept I had no idea how to serve it. So I googled it. LOL! You cut it open and the inside is like a white kiwi. You don’t eat the pink peel, just the white fruit. It didn’t have a strong flavor, it was actually a little bland. But it has a nice juicy texture, like kiwi. The kids actually ate it.

So my kids tried a new food and we all earned a little more about Dragon Fruit. Here is what I found out.

1.Dragon fruit helps naturally decrease cholesterol

2. Dragon fruit is high in fiber.

3.Dragon fruit is high in age defying antioxidants. The main ingredient in dragon fruit is Pycnogenol, which helps prevent the bodies cells from the aging process. (Want the anti aging powers of the dragon fruit without eating the fruit try this supplement ) plus get $5 off of your first order!

4.Dragon fruit is a natural anti inflammatory and is shown to help relieve arthritis.

5. Dragon fruit has been shown to help stabilize blood sugar and can be beneficial for diabetics.

Bonus benefits:

When applied topically to the skin, Dragon fruit helps cure acne breakouts and can sooth a sore sunburn.

So go buy some awesome neon pink Dragon fruit!!

14 thoughts on “5 + Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

      1. I’ve heard of it but have never seen it. It sounds perfect for someone like me who eats Paleo and loves to try new things also. So many benefits too! Where did you find this amazing fruit? I have Whole Foods, Central Market and Sprouts in my area, you think one of those would carry it?


  1. I love drinking that vitamin water with the dragonfruit in it.

    I wish I knew how to make my own Dragonfruit juice… might have to do a pinterest search.

    Sharing this because I love your article =)


  2. I absolutely love dragon fruit after gorging on it while on vacation in Michigan. Since returning I’ve been unable to find it in any store including Whole Foods. May I ask where you purchased it?


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