How-to Dry Herbs

Wonderful Tutorial on drying your herbs.

How to dry herbs

There is something about a neatly tied bundle of herbs, hanging up to dry, that transports us to another era. A simpler time where herbs could be found hanging in every cook’s quarter and apothecary.  A time in which Mr. Darcy invited us to tea and a leisurely stroll around the gardens of Pemberley (if you are unfamiliar with this reference let me introduce you to one of the greatest  books of all time). I digress… Aside from the unpractical, there are two reasons I love drying my own herbs: it is cheaper and I can control the quality. Let me elaborate.

Drying herbs yourself is much cheaper than buying a bottle of herbs in the store, especially if you buy organic. It doesn’t take much more time and effort than a trip to the store either. If you grow perennial herbs, you have a one time expense, and then you have a supply of fresh herbs year after year. My…

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