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15 Ways to Cut Down on Chemicals in Your Life


1. Avoid storing food in plastic containers. Plastic contains chemicals such as, phthalates and BPA which can seep into your food. Phthalates and BPA can cause pre mature puberty and breast cancer.

2. Do not microwave food in plastic containers or on plastic plates. Heating the plastic makes the chemicals soak more into your food than just storing food in plastic containers.

3. Avoid plastic water bottles or be sure to choose BPA free plastic water bottles.

4. Avoid swimming in chlorine water. Chlorine exposure increases the risk of miscarriage and rates of bladder and colon cancer.

5.  Use a household water filtration system if on municipal water supply to filter out chemicals used to purify the water, such as chlorine.

6. Avoid clothing that is labeled stain resistant. These may contain chemicals such as PFC that can cause abnormal thyroid function, liver problems and immune system problems.

7. Do not treat furniture and carpets with stain resistant chemicals.

8. Do not use chemical pesticides on your lawn or garden Natural Ways to Control Garden Pests

9 .Do not use chemical bug repellent All Natural Bug Spray

10. Buy organic grown fruits and vegetables

11. Wash your hands after handling receipts or money. The ink contains chemicals and can soak into your skin or get on your food.

12. Avoid cosmetics that have parabens in them. Chemicals ending in  -paraben, such as methylparaben, have been shown to mimic estrogen and have been found to cause hormonal imbalances, early puberty  and breast cancer. Chemical Sunscreens Could be Toxic

13. Use all natural cleaning products All Natural Home Cleaning Spray

14. Use an all natural laundry soap Homemade All Natural Laundry Soap

15. Avoid ointments that are made with petroleum. Make or use ointment, salves or balms that have more natural ingredients like beeswax or coconut oil.


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