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Growing a Medicinal Garden: Oregano

2016-07-20_15.21.08I have been going through the herbs growing in my garden , one by one and telling what I use them for. So far I have written about Sage and  Spearmint .  My next herb I am going to tell you about is Oregano. Oregano not only is great for cooking and seasoning food, but it has amazing healing properties.

Oregano is an antiviral, antibacterial, anti fungal, anti parasitic, anti-inflammatory, pain killer and digestive aid. It really is the most useful herb I have growing in my garden.  Oregano can help with urinary tract infections, as well as protecting against cancer and macular degenerations.

Oregano is an expectorant, this means that it helps break up and eliminate mucus in the lungs, nose, sinuses and throat.  To help with mucus and cough add Dried Oregano or oregano essential oil to  bowl of steaming water. Carefully inhale the steam and allow the steam and the oregano to break up the mucus.

It’s antibacterial and anti viral properties can aid in healing when your body is sick. You can either steep the dried Oregano in boiling water and drink as a tea, or dilute the oregano essential oil and consume during illness. Oregano herbal tinctures are available , as well and can be taken during times of sickness.

It’s anti fungal properties can aid with athlete’s foot, and other fungal infections , such as ringworm. The oregano essential oil can be diluted and applied to the skin, or an Oregano extract can be used as well.

Oregano’s anti viral properties make it useful in getting rid of warts. A Diluted Oregano Essential Oil can be applied directly to the wart until the wort is gone.

For muscle aches and pains, oregano infused olive oil or Oregano essential oil can be diluted with olive oil and applied directly to the sore muscles for pain relief.

Words of caution, though, Pregnant women should avoid Oregano essential oil and large quantities of the herb. Also Oregano can cause irritation if over used so always consult with a doctor about using oregano for medicinal uses and about proper dosage and use.



****I have included some affiliate links in this post from Starwest Botanical. If I don’t grow it in my garden I buy it from Starwest. Star west Botanical has been selling quality and organically certified bulk herbs and essential oils since 1975. They have top quality Herbs and Oils for reasonable prices and low cost shipping.




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