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Healthy in Hurry Hack #1 , 5 min $6 dinner!

Let’s face it , some nights there isn’t time to spend any time in the kitchen cooking. Kids activity schedules, work schedules, homework, etc. Just get in the way. It’s so easy to drive though that fast food window or pull out frozen junk from the freezer. But eating healthy can be done quickly and easy with a few little hacks.

This recipe is delicious and can be made in about 5 min. Plus Its made with all natural ingredients, fresh veggies and only 377 calories.  The average fast food restaurant meal will cost you between $5 and $7 dollars. This meal can be ready in 5 minutes and is only $6 per serving.  The cook time and cost are comparable but this meal is much much healthier for you.

Grilled Salmon and Veggies over Brown Rice and Quinoa:

5 minutes to cook.   $6 per serving.  377 calories.  Fresh healthy ingredients.

I purchased these all made fresh from the fish market in Stop and Shop for $9.99 per pound. Two of them weighed in at half a pound. ($5). I deconstructed them and tossed them in a frying pan for 5 minutes on medium to high heat.



These minute rice cups can also be found at stop and shop in the rice section. The price was $1.99 for a two pack  , so $1 for each serving. They are microwaved for 1 minute.






3 thoughts on “Healthy in Hurry Hack #1 , 5 min $6 dinner!

  1. So, that is a good idea if you are in a really big hurry and definitely more healthy than junk food. I guess I’m not quite understanding the price, though. It almost seems like it was only $7 total (5 for kabobs and 2 for rice), so $3.50 per serving, which would be an even better price! Either way, it sounds like a great idea for a busy night:)


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