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Summer Fresh Steak Salad

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This amazing salad recipe is not only packed with super foods but it’s packed with super flavor. the sweetness of the fruit and the tang of the feta cheese light up you taste buds.

This is also a great way to use extra leftovers from the night before. Grill an extra steak on the bbq and slice and chill it in the refrigerator to add to the salad the next day for lunch or dinner.

To make the salad mix together:

Baby spinach

sliced mango




red onion

feta cheese

chilled sliced steak

vinaigrette dressing


I love cooking and eating healthy but recognize that it can be difficult to keep fresh ingredients on hand without having to worry about using them up before they go bad.  I also am constantly looking for new recipes to keep my healthy food tasting amazing. Here is an affiliate link for a great company that offers fresh healthy recipes, a shopping list of only 20 foods and a way to waste less and eat better. Save time. Save waste. Eat better. Be Healthy. Check out The Fresh 20   

The Fresh 20 is not a meal delivery service it is a recipe  service specializing in healthy meals for 5 days a week that are made from a shopping list of only 20 fresh local ingredients. It reduces shopping expenses , time and food waste. They also have paleo, gluten free and vegetarian options availble. The above recipe is not a fresh 20 recipe its a Swamp Yankee original. But if you are looking for more healthy delicious ideas. Check out the Fresh 20.


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