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Let The Healthy Journey Begin


I decided to try the health supplement system called triplex by Plexus worldwide

for several reasons. One is to try to loose some weight another is to try to get my blood pressure and hypoglycemia under control. I discuss why I chose plexus over other weight loss companies and systems in my previous article, Nourish the Body and It will Heal It Self.

Well my plexus triplex has come in the mail. So I am ready to begin my adventure to a happier healthier me. The triplex comes with three different products. The plexus slim pink drink, the probios 5 and the biocleanse. Here is a brief video on how they are suppose to work.


The triplex system helps remove toxins and bad micro biomes from the gut , replenishes the healthy microbes and nutrients needed for a healthy digestive system and help balance blood sugar an metabolism.

The recommended schedule for starting this supplement system is as follows:




I am starting my journey at :

144 pounds.

Waist   36 inches

Hips    41 inches

Arm     11 inches

Thigh  23 inches

I am also on two different high blood pressure medications and suffer from episodes of hypoglycemia. If I don’t eat every few hours I start to shake and get terrible headaches.


I will continue to follow my clean eating diet plan, packed with fruits vegetables, lean proteins, legumes and nuts. I will also be trying to drink 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water each day.

I do hike and run several times per week. But That is nothing new. I have been doing that for the past few months.

I have been warned by the plexus ambassador that I could feel worse before I feel better. This is due to the detoxing and yeast die off process that my body needs to go through to clean itself out and be able to function correctly and get back on a healthy track. Symptoms of detox are skin breakouts, gas and bloating, body aches, brain fog, fatigue, low energy, headaches, irritability, extreme cravings (for sweet, salty or other unhealthy foods), constipation and diarrhea. Symptoms of yeast die off are nausea, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, swollen glands, gas , constipation or diarrhea, joint pain, muscle pain, and chills. So I could have that fun stuff to look forward to. But if it means a happier, healthier me on the other side. I say let’s do this

Alright lets see what this crazy Plexus stuff can do!!!  I will keep you all updated on my journey.







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