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3 inches in 1 week!

This is crazy. I have been on Plexus triplex now for 1 week. I have lost 1.8 pounds. Which is a  healthy amount of weight loss for 1 week and I have gone from a 36 inch waist to almost 33. My belly is no longer bloated and is much flatter.


I feel great. I have tons of energy. I sleep like a rock at night but am up and ready to conquer my day no problem. I have no sugar cravings. I even was able to say no to donuts that my coworkers brought  in. I feel like I am smiling all the time.

I worked a 12 hour day at the clinic. No lunch break. 3 surgeries. 10 appointments and one emergency hospitalization and I was still smiling and not cranky at all by the end of the day. It was crazy amazing! Normally I would be super “hangry” about missing lunch.

I have had very few detox side affects. I had some mild constipation for a day or two but a cup of senna tea fixed it. I had a weird sore throat wed. Afternoon. Like I might be getting a cold. But was fine the next day.

All in all…..Great week 1 with Plexus

Follow My Plexus Journey from the start:

Nourish the Body and It will Heal It Self

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