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5 Tips to Help You Stick to Your Diet While Eating Out


I have eaten out all three of my 3 meals. But still have managed to stick to my healthy eating plan. With a few simple tricks you can enjoy eating out with friends or while on vacation and not blow your diet out of the water.

Tip #1 : Pick your restaurant carefully. Try to pick a restaurant that will give you the best options. For instance if you can choose between Olive Garden and a steak house. Go with the steak house. Olive garden will offer you very few options if you are trying to avoid overloading on carbs, but the steak house will have grilled meats and multiple vegetable side options.

This morning we ended up going out for breakfast because we had no power at my house. I drove by two dunkin doughnuts and a dinner to find a cafe that makes their own breakfast because I knew that I would have been hard pressed to find something at dunkin doughnuts that did not involve a ton of sugar and fat.

Tip #2: Order  A la Carte :  Don’t feel like you are limited to only the dishes presented on the menu. look at the ingredients that they are offering and get creative. The breakfast place we went to had omelettes with kale in them, a breakfast sandwich with avocado and an eggs Benedict dish that came with sweet potatoes. So I knew all of those ingredients where in that kitchen. I ordered two scrambled eggs with a side of avocado and sweet potato.

Tip #3: Utilize the appetizer menu. Often times simpler dishes can be found on the appetizer menu like steak or chicken skewers. The portion sizes are smaller and the ingredients simpler. We went out for pizza yesterday with my family for lunch. I was worried I would not find a good option buried in the sandwiches and greasy pizza menu. But I ended up ordering a meatball appetizer, that was two medium sized meatballs with homemade tomato sauce and a side salad.

Tip #4: Don’t be afraid to dissect your food.  Fireworks are huge thing in our town and my family always gets take out food to sit out on the riverbank and watch the fireworks. We went to a sandwich shop. I had just had salad for lunch and was not thrilled about that being my only option for dinner. So I ordered a turkey club style sandwich (because it comes with more meat on it) and took the meat and lettuce and tomato off the bread and made my own turkey and lettuce wraps. Ordering something you know you can eat the majority f and then just removing the parts you cant.

Tip # 5: Split Meal. Portion sizes are huge. So order one dish and split it with your partner or kids. Not only will you cut down on calories but on the bill as well.

Alright guys follow these tips and go eat healthy! Simple right!? Well ,maybe I have one more little secret that helps me out. Its all well and good to use these tips to make better choices while eating out. But when you sit down in a restaurant and smell all that amazing food. It is sometimes hard to resist. Or when your husband and kids are chowing on pizza at the same table as you , do you find it hard to not want a piece? I use to have that problem and that is why my dieting attempt have failed in the past. But now I no longer have food cravings and food no longer has the control over me. How is this possible?   I discovered a health drink called Plexus slim. Its an all natural plant based drink that has eliminated my cravings. If you are having trouble getting control of your cravings and want to have power over what you eat……check it out. You will be very happy that you did.












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