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Adventures in getting healthy week 3!!

I have been on plexus now for 3 weeks and I have to admitt…..I might be hooked! Things I have noticed since starting plexus…

I have more energy….not shaking caffeine energy…but I am in a good mood happy smiley energy.

My appetite has decreased….I just don’t feel hungry and so don’t feel shaky or cranky from low blood sugar.

I sleep like a rock at night. …I thought I slept fine before but would wake up at least once a night. Now I wake up and think whoa! It’s morning!

I  skipped my PMS this month. No cramps or tiredness or feeling like I needed to eat everything in sight.

My acne has clearedup….my skin and hair are shinier and my complexion is glowing.

I Have lost 6 pounds and several inches on 3 weeks.

I am a happier more confident me…which makes me a better mom and wife.

Follow my plexus journey from the start.

Nourish the Body and It will Heal It Self

Let The Healthy Journey Begin

3 inches in 1 week!

Interested in learning more about plexus all natural health products?

ALL Natural Plant Based Health and Wellness



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