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Refurbishing an Old Wood Stove

We are pretty hardcore wood stove users. Our house has an oil burning furnace, but with eighty acres of woods, we have a free fuel source in our backyard. We hardly even turn our oil furnace on , even in the winter it stays off unless we need to take showers. It is only used to heat water.

The problem we ran into was that our trusty old woodsman wood stove  started to show her age. The legs were wobbly, the burn plates warped and the seals were all crumbling. We tried to shop around for a new one, but were unsuccessful. We have our wood stove in a hallway, so it needed to be a certain size to fit in the hallway and be able to heat our entire house. They just don’t make them in the style and size we needed. So we decided to try to refurbish our old reliable iron beast.


Items we used:

Wire brush

Steel wool

Small metal hook

furnace cement

High temperature Stove Paint


Step One:

Tightened up the legs which were fastened on by bolts that had come lose over the years.


Step Two:

Used a small metal hook to scrape out all the old crumbling cement from the seems.


Step Three:

Brushed off all the rust with the wire brush.


Step four:

Rubbed the whole thing down with steel wool to smooth the surfaces after the wire brush. Vacuum and clean up all the dust. Wipe down the stove with a damp cloth to remove the dust. Allow to dry completely before the next step.


Step Five:

Seal all the seems with furnace cement and allow to dry.


Step Six:

Paint the whole outer surface with the high temperature stove paint and allow to dry.


Step seven:

Replace warped burn plates with new ones.



I love how it turned out and so glad we didn’t buy a new one. Wood stove users know that each stove burns a little different and we are use to this one. We know the quickest way to get it up to temperature and the way to pack it so it will burn all night. I also love refurbishing old items. I should have been born in a earlier era when people fixed everything instead of buying new. Fall is my favorite season, but I am looking forward to winter so we can test out our handy work.





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