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Why Moms Need A Night Off!

Let me start by saying, I love being a Mom! I have a 13 year old daughter and a 9 year old son. I also have 3 cats, two ponies, 11 chickens and a dog. I love every minute of the craziness. I also have an amazingly supportive husband who I couldn’t do it all without.

That being said, every mom needs to take a little time for themselves. It’s something we almost forget how to do. We get so good at caring for our family and often forget to take care of us. Dad’s seem to be better at rembering that they need time. My husband golfs, he works out, he plays guitar, he goes out to watch football. I think It’s great. He needs that time to relax and have some time to himself. As a mom I find it harder. We moms have this horrible mommy guilt that prevents us from doing things like that. But man when I do take the time I feel so refreshed and ready to jump back into my daily life. I miss my kids when they aren’t with me. But it is also nice to not have my brain having to do 5 things ar once!

My best mom friend recently won a free night at a casino hotel. She invited me to come and have a m9m’s night. I was so excited. But getting “ready” went far beyond packing my toothbrush. I had to figure out how to get my kids to and from school. I had to pre pack their lunches. How would all the animals get fed? My husband is amazing, but works long hours. So he can only do so much. So once I coordinated rides, pet sitters, and prepared my home life. I was off. (I now know why we moms don’t do this much, getting there is a pain in the ass)!

But once I went I was glad I did. We went to the spa. We did some shopping and had some dinner and drinks. We talked non stop about our kids!!! We laughed,  we supported each other and we had dio much fun. Being able to go relax makes me a better mom because it allows me to recharge and not get too burnt out and stressed out. I only do it like once a year, but man does it do the trick!!!

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