On the farm

Confessions of an Animal- aholic!

Sometimes I feel like my whole life is spend taking care of living creatures, from my kids to my farm to my job! But I have a confession……I love every stinking minute of it! Even cleaning out litter boxes and horse stalls brings me joy in caring for my furry friends.


I live on a small farm in Connecticut and we have 2 shetland ponies, 11 chickens , 3 cats and a dog. We also run an impromptu rescue at our farm taking in animals in need and caring for then while we find them a home. We have had a horse, 2 potbelly  pigs, a German Shepard puppy and a rabbit come though our farm and on to loving homes. the pigs were severely under weight and had mange, the German Shepard also 20 pounds under weight and had a horrible skin infection. The bunny was matted an needed to be groomed. The horse was an auction rescue. All are doing fabulous in there new homes!


So I spend my days cleaning up horse poop, cleaning the chicken coop, collecting eggs, feeding and watering twice a day, scooping out litter boxes, clipping nails, picking hooves, bathing and brushing, making sure everyone is up to date on vet care, flea and tick, deworming, etc. Plus I have my two human kids to feed shuffle around to school and activities and snuggle!


It can be exhausting some days…..oh wait…. did I mention I also work 30 hours a week as veterinary technician? yup. I am a glutton for punishment. I love animals and caring for them so much I went back to school to be a vet tech so I can help other people’s pets too! I told you my love of animals borders on obsession.

And because there are still 24 hours in each day, I recently signed on with Pawtree as a Petpro to share my love and knowledge of animals with others. Also because for each new member in September Pawtree will donate 1 month of food for a pet affected by the hurricaines.


For anyone not familiar with the nature of the veterinary world, I never know when I will get out of work. It see there is always an emergency that keeps us over. My husband laughs, he asks “when will you be home?”, my response is “well we close at 6pm”, he then replies “sooo sometime between 6:30 and midnight!” But that is just the way it is and I love my job so much.


So that is my confession. I spend my days covered in horse poop, chicken poop, cat litter, and somedays blood and anal glands. I am pretty sure no matter how many times I shower I still give off a residual smell because every dog I see has to come sniff me. But I love it. My name is Gretchen and I am an Animal-aholic! Anyone else what to confess?

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