How to Train Your Chickens

Swamp Yankee Style


Our chickens are now full grown. So we started letting them free range around the farm during the day and  putting them in their coop at night, to protect them against predators. This seemed like a simple enough concept, open the coop in the morning and let the chickens out….no problem….get the chickens back in the coop at dusk…..Problem!!! Getting 6 chickens back in the coop when you want them isn’t an easy task. My Australian Shepard helps me herd them in, but it still takes some time to round them all up.

So I started thinking. I have trained our out door cats to come inside at night when I ring a bell. Could I train a flock of chickens in the same way? As it turns out, You can! It’s simple classical condition (Thank you Dr. Pavlov). You take something the animal really likes to eat. With the…

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