DIY: Instant Meals for Back Packing


My son is really into hiking and participates in a hiking club with his school. they make several trip up to the white mountains each year and one of the items they always need to bring are instant meals. We have tried buying them at hiking stores. but my son is only 9 and still pretty select in his food choices. So I found some recipes that I can customize more to his liking and it saves money.

Some of these recipes would also work for families on the go that don’t always have time to make a big homemade dinner.

Here are the recipe link I have found:

6 Instant Meals


The trouble I ran into at first is where to get the freeze dried food. It can be pretty pricey. But I can sometimes find it at discount lot stores like big lots or ocean state job lot. Wal-Mart online has a brand of freeze dried as well. But I found the best selection and price at Thrive Foods.

If anyone else has any suggestions for getting freeze dried food at a good price please post in comments. Thank you.







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