10 Best Dog Breeds for Outdoor Junkies


Hey Dog Lovers,

Do you love the outdoors and going on adventures? Are you looking for that dog companion to be just as adventurous as you? Look no further.

Labrador Retriever – athletic, playful, water-loving 

Siberian Husky – Good at long hikes, trail runs, multi-day treks and cold weather camping 

Bernese Mountain Dog – Hearty, Docile, good-natured

Vizsla– High-energy, active, athletic and light on their feet 

Australian Shepard– Herding dog, agile, skilled in obedience and ultra high-energy 

Collie- Great stamina, keen intelligence, agility, herding instinct

Portuguese Water Dog– Herd Fish (from net) Loyal, need to see owner during activity (Boat rides) 

Rhodesian Ridge back- Bred to hunt lions, sustain dry, hot climates and love to work 

German Short hair Pointer– Bred to hunt and retrieve peasants, Tenacious, tireless, hardy and reliable 

Australian Cattle Dog (Aussie)- High-energy, whip-smart, athletic, protective and brawny companions

Thanks for reading…

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