Fun Fact Friday



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Dogs often dream. In fact, they experience similar stages of dreaming to humans – including rapid eye movement (REM), (the stage of dreaming we tend to remember). Twitches and paw movements are just some of the ways you can spot a dreaming dog. Even more amazing? Harvard experts suggest that your dog is quite likely to be dreaming about… you. Aww.



One thought on “Fun Fact Friday

  1. Hello,

    Thank you so much for following my blog. Of course being nosey I rushed over to your blog to read all about you and some of the articles you have written. What a pleasant surpirse was in store. Thank you for such a nice blog and so very sensible, unlike mine.

    Being a nice Cat I thought it only polite to follow your blog as you so graciously followed mine and so I have just ticked that box, so to speak and expect to read all sorts of interesting articles. Actually, between you and me I’m only interested in reading about Cats. Surely dogs are just too boring even if they do dream.


    The Cat

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