Genetics, Luck and Nutrition


We love our furry friends and want them to be healthy and happy. Their lives are so much shorter than our own. We want them to be with us for as long as we can. There are three main factors in your pet’s health genetics, luck and nutrition. Genetics are the factors your pet was born with such as certain breeds are prone to certain health issues. Like Shepards are prone to hip dysplasia, or bull dogs are prone to respiratory issues. You can not control genetics or luck (don’t we all wish we could.)  But the one factor we can control is nutrition. Nutrition is key is maintaining your pet’s health. Proper nutrition can not only boost your pet’s immune system to help prevent diseases, but it can affect the speed and grace of their growth and aging process.


Our pets depend on us their entire lives to make nutrition choices for them. A lot of pet foods on the markets are full of fillers and preservatives and are not providing all the essential nutrients your pet’s body needs to be healthy. Think about what would happen if you ate a highly processed, sugary cereal for your whole life. Do you think your body would be healthy?  What if you ate a diet of lean eats, vegetables and fruit? What could that do for your body? Your pet’s need the same consideration for their nutrition.  You can read more about Healthy Ingredients in Pet food in my post, Have You Read Your Pet’s Food Label?

Ok. So now you know that not all pet foods are equally as nutritious for your dog. But you walk down the pet food isle and have no idea where to begin at picking the right diet for your four legged family members. The good new is that Pawtree has created a way to get customized nutrition pans for your pets. Visit the website and fill out a pet profile and get suggestions for your pet’s unique needs.


My pup Gaia is now eating Pawtree’s Real White fish and brown rice formula. It is made up of a delicious combination of whitefish, brown rice, barley, flaxseed, coconut oil, apples, cranberries, blueberries, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach and parsely. Delicious and nutritious!

Pawtree food is so highly nutritious that we actually have to feed her less of it than our other dog food. It has more calories and nutrients per cup. This also means less waste for her body to have to process and less waste excreted through her feces. Hooray for less poop!

Pawtree has an amazing combination of added nutrients to help keep your pet healthy. It is high in protien with protien being the first ingredient. It is a anti oxident rich formula to help keep the body’s cells functioning they way they should. It is contains natural sources of DHA (to support brain function and health). It contains tuarine for heart health, pre and probiotics for digestion heath, Omega-3 and  Omega-6 for skin and coat health, It also has a natural source of glucosamine to help maintian joint heath. It has no added sugars or sweetners. It is made with real Meat, poultry or fish. It uses no poultry by-products, no corn, no wheat, and no soy. It is made with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. It was developed by veterinarians and is made in the USA!


Your pet’s nutrition can really help keep them in tip top health and avoid costly and unnecessary trips to the vet’s office over the coarse of their life. You can’t control all aspects that affect a pet’s health. Genetic and luck are out of our control. But taking control of your pet’s nutrition can really improve their life and the time we have to enjoy it with them.

So check it out and discover a whole new way to keep your best furry pals in tip top health!

Pawtree Website

Did I mention you can chooses how often to get it shipped to your house. No more running out or last minute trios to the store. Get the food you need, when you need it!



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