Refurbishing an Old Wood Stove

Swamp Yankee Style

We are pretty hardcore wood stove users. Our house has an oil burning furnace, but with eighty acres of woods, we have a free fuel source in our backyard. We hardly even turn our oil furnace on , even in the winter it stays off unless we need to take showers. It is only used to heat water.

The problem we ran into was that our trusty old woodsman wood stove  started to show her age. The legs were wobbly, the burn plates warped and the seals were all crumbling. We tried to shop around for a new one, but were unsuccessful. We have our wood stove in a hallway, so it needed to be a certain size to fit in the hallway and be able to heat our entire house. They just don’t make them in the style and size we needed. So we decided to try to refurbish…

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