Use Your Love of Animals to Make Extra Income

Only a few days left of September!!!!

Swamp Yankee Style

Do you love animals and want to find way to turn that love of animals into an extra source of income? That’s exactly what I did when I signed on a Petpro with Pawtree. Talk to people about there pets, share your knowledge and the pawtree all natural pet wellness products and earn a commission and bonus on sales.

Petpro starter kits start as low as $24.99. Plus during the next two weeks (until the end of september 2017) Pawtree will donate 2 months of pet food to pets affected by natural disasters. So for only $24.99 you can feed a pet in need for 2 months and get your business rolling.

Need more incentives??    You Got it!  Pawtree has a huge sign on and start up incentives for September.


Still not convinced? Guess what there is more! For every new pawtree member you sign up in September pawtree will…

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